Parking in Burke Centre

Burke Centre is a Community Parking District
The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors unanimously established a Community Parking District (CPD) in Burke Centre on December 5, 2005. The CPD prohibits the parking of --

  • watercraft
  • boat trailers
  • motor homes
  • trailers (including camping trailers)
  • any vehicles with three or more axles
  • any vehicle with a gross weight rating of 12,000 or more pounds
There are certain exceptions to these prohibitions, including school buses used on a current and regular basis, vehicles which are parked in order to perform maintenance at a residence, and vehicles temporarily parked (less than 48 hours) for the purpose of loading or unloading or preparing for a trip, and vehicles owned or leased by a public agency.

Enforcement of the CPD is in effect. To report violations, please call (703) 691-2131.

For other parking issues, please refer to the Conservancy's Parking and Towing Policy linked below.