Community Events/Activities

Burke Centre Conservancy-sponsored and other community events are listed below.

Please note that most Conservancy-sponsored events are for Burke Centre residents only unless otherwise noted.  When registration is required, please use the Conservancy RSVP form under e-forms to sign up. You may also sign up when applicable by calling (703) 978-2928, ext. 210, or sending e-mail with each participant's name, age (if children's event), address, and phone number to [email protected].

Photo Disclaimer: By registering and/or attending any Burke Centre Conservancy event/meeting, all participants understand that publicity photographs/videos may be taken during the event and their likeness may appear in these images. By registering or attending the event, all participants hereby give permission that photos and/or videos containing their likeness may be used for publicity or general information purposes, not limited to, The Burke Centre Conservator, the Burke Centre Conservancy web site, Burke Centre presentations, social media, email blasts, etc. which may be seen in the general public. The Burke Centre Conservancy does not typically seek further permission or provide notification before using such images. Thank you for your cooperation.

2023 Conservancy Events: 
(subject to change)

Friends of Sadie to host the Annual Valentine Blood Drive


Woods Community Center (10100 Wards Grove Circle)

9 AM-3 PM (subject to change)

There is no substitute for human blood. Schedule your life-saving appointment today by calling 1-866-256-6372 or click here to schedule online. Double-red, plasma and platelet donations will be available upon request at screening.

Like last year, we can offer blood donation opportunities only (no child care, no bake sale, no volunteers needed). But children fighting cancer always need your support! Click here to make an online contribution to benefit pediatric cancerresearch.

The gift of life is the gift of hope.