Burke Centre Community Centers

Five Burke Centre community center facilities are available for use and rental by Conservancy members only. The community centers are also used for Burke Centre meetings of Neighborhood Councils, Cluster Committees, the Board of Trustees, the Architectural Review Board, committees and task forces established by the Board of Trustees, and by chartered organizations such as the Swim Club and Scouts. [Pictured below: The Oaks CC and The Woods CC]

Important Notice for CC Rentals:

In order to serve alcohol at the center, the member leasing the facility must provide proof of insurance for the event in the form of a certificate of insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000 in liability coverage naming the Conservancy as an additional insured, and sign a Hold Harmless Agreement indemnifying the Conservancy, its members, and employees against any action brought by any party in connection with the event. [A VA ABC banquet license is no longer required per House Bill 1975, effective July 1, 2011]

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