Burke Centre Conservancy Election

The 2021 Conservancy election will be held online with voting available from mid-February through March 13, 2021. In this upcoming election, two Trustee At-Large positions and one Trustee per neighborhood (Commons, Landings, Oaks, Ponds and Woods) will be elected to serve on the seven-member Board of Trustees for a two-year term.

Election Updates [as of January 25, 2021]:

  • Congratulations to the following candidates for successfully submitting candidacy information:

    TRUSTEE AT-LARGE (2 seats)
    Justin Day
    Marci Lawson

    COMMONS TRUSTEE (1 seat)
    Marc Flaster

    Denis Gulakowski
    Norma Santana-Conti

    OAKS TRUSTEE (1 seat)
    Steven Shapiro

    PONDS TRUSTEE (1 seat)
    Lee E. Schmidt

    WOODS TRUSTEE (1 seat)
    Brandon Whiteman

Congratulations to cluster candidates from the following clusters for submitting cluster candidates to participate in the 2021 election process:


Eagle Landing
Forest Landing
Heritage Landing
Martin's Landing

Powell's Landing
Waters Edge Landing

Bear Oak
Burr Oak
Carters Oak
Georgian Oaks
Oakland Park

Marshall Pond
Pine Pond

Renaissance Pond
Spring Pond

Chestnut Wood
Coffer Woods
Natick Woods
Wards Grove

Board of Trustees Positions:

  • Trustee At-Large 1

  • Trustee At-Large 2

  • Commons Neighborhood Trustee

  • Landings Neighborhood Trustee

  • Oaks Neighborhood Trustee

  • Ponds Neighborhood Trustee

  • Woods Neighborhood Trustee

Neighborhood Trustee candidates must be owners who are residents in their neighborhood service district, and are in good standing, to be included on the official 2021 election ballot. Trustee At-Large candidates must be Burke Centre homeowners who are in good standing.

FORMS NEEDED TO RUN FOR A BOARD OF TRUSTEES POSITION: Due to the Conservancy Office by January 22, 2021

FORM NEEDED TO RUN FOR CLUSTER COMMITTEE: Due to the Conservancy Office by January 22, 2021

If you have any questions, you may contact the Conservancy office, (703) 978-2928; or send e-mail to: [email protected] with the subject line “Election Question,” and your questions will be forwarded to the Election Committee.